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"FLOCK OFF" Products are here.




What are Flock Off Decoys?  

The difference between the decoys and our service is with our service the geese react immediately.  The decoys offer a method that is humane, effective, no maintenance and affordable for every homeowner who lives on or near water.  They do take a bit more time to get the geese to react.  However we have seen some success in a matter of a few days.  It really depends on the size of the body of water.  Also don't become upset if you see the geese in the water with the decoys at first.  The geese have to see, observe and then react to the fact that they are not alone in the water. 


They look like our dogs that we use in the field.  They are a 2 piece decoys that when placed in the water will look and react like a swimming predator. Water is a source of protection for wildlife such as Canada geese and even if you can chase them off the land they will fly into the nearest water source for protection.  Coyote, fox and other forms of predators that geese recognise and fear won't enter the water.  So by designing, creating and producing a feared predator that enters the water 24/7, this puts pressure on the geese.  Pressure relates to stress.  Geese do not want to be bothered with the probability that they can be attacked. 

Originally designed to deter geese and other wildfowl from flying into open water in the Spring and Fall months, they have also become successful as a method of keeping roaming families of geese from pond hopping.  

 The decoys are made from a durable weather proof material, so they can be left in the water all year long.  Placed in the water far to make sure that they won't wash up on shore.  The wind acts as a propelling agent and will move the decoys around the pond.  The design of the decoys also give them a swimming motion that most waterfowl react to. 

Currently golf courses, apartment complexes, parks, communities that have large lakes and homeowners who have summer cottages on the water are using the decoys.   

Who else can use Flock Off Decoys?

Beaches, campgrounds, marinas, airports, Federal, State and local municipalities.  If you live near or no the water and nuisance wildlife are using your property as their personal restroom, then it's time to tell them to Flock Off!! 


 Current products available

Pond Decoy:  2 piece decoy that looks like a Border collies.  Either white or Black.  Also for Canada Geese service companies, we  can paint the decoys to look like the dog(s) that you are using on the job.   

Goose Decoy: 2 piece decoy that looks like a goose that can be attached to the predator decoy.  Enhances the reality that the decoys can hunt and capture anything that enters the water.

Remote Control Boat Decoy attachment: Decoy that attaches to the top of certain Remote Control Boats. (boats sold separately).   3 piece decoy that looks like a border collie or can be painted to look like whatever predator you want.  The boat is capable of clearing a large flock of geese off a large lake/pond in minutes.  Service companies can use this to place a dog (decoy) in the water and use thier dog on the shore.  You will be able to service more properties in a shortr period of time and also reduce the wear on your dog(s).  

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