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Benefits of Border Collies

Borders Collies work because they represent the only known predator a Canada goose will instinctively fear a coyote / fox.  Geese are not bothered by balloons, lighting, line with tinsel on it.  When a goose sees a predator that it fears, they will immediately seek safety which is water.  Because our dogs and other methods that we use also go into the water of them, this makes that body of water unsafe.  Normally a coyote will not enter the water so, being able take away the safety of the water helps

Canada geese spend more time on land than in the water.  We receive most calls about the damage and aggressiveness of geese cause on land.  In fact if geese would spend most of there day in the water, I believe most clients would not be as upset with the geese.  


All of these agencies understand and recommend the use of Border collies. 

US Parks Service

Humane Society and the use of Border Collies

PETA supports using Border Collies.

Airports using Border Collies for wildlife management.

Military uses Border Collies to enhance their BASH program.