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Equation For Success

We understand many facilities do not want to add a goose service plan to their budget.  But when the geese population gets out of control and it needs to be addresssed there is a simple equation to understand and use.


You have (3) methods to solve your problem but you can only choose (2). 

1.Cheap, 2.Fast, and 3.Good  

If you choose Cheap and Fast like many do, the result is your plan will not be Good.  Example, Using liquids, coyote silhouettes, lights and not having an actual plan will not be GOOD.

If you choose Cheap and Good your plan will not be FAST.  Example Just Oiling eggs will takes years to make a noticable difference.

If you choose Good and Fast your plan will not be CHEAP.  Example using dogs will have an immediate impact on your property but because we not only just show up with our dogs, we have an actual plan of attack that we design and impliment.  It's not a secret that using dogs is not cheap, but the desired outcome is worth the money.  No more geese,no more complaints.


Cheaper isn't always better.

In most cases we see that lights actually attract the geese especially at night in ponds, lakes etc.  The lighting may be a way of helping the geese keep an eye out for potential predators.